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Vegetarian food in Lund

There are many reasons to choose vegetarian! Below you’ll find a selection of restaurants in Lund with a good vegetarian selection. Most restaurants can offer a vegetarian option upon request.

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Café Paradiset

At Café Paradiset you will find a vegetarian and organic lunch - focused on the Indian cuisine, often with several vegan options.
Paradisgatan 1
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Hummus Bar 

Perhaps not surprisingly, you’ll find authentic hummus made from scratch at Hummus Bar. The restaurant focuses on local and organic produce and serves milk- and glutenfree food with a few ovo-vegetarian options.
Bangatan 8
+46 (0)46-12 63 00
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Small tapas-style dishes with several vegetarian options.
Lilla Gråbrödersgatan 2
+46 (0)46-12 12 22
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At this Austrian restaurant, both vegetarians and vegans can find several options for both lunch and dinner.
Stora Algatan 5
+46 (0)46-14 37 27
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True food

100 % vegan! Inspired by the flavors through generations of Latin-American, Middle Eastern, Asian and American cooking. 
Västra Mårtensgatan 7
046-10 12 10
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Enjoy warm and cold vegetarian dishes such as stews, soups and salads, as well as smaller treats and delicacies. Open for lunch, dinner and takeaway at Lund’s market hall, Saluhallen.
Mårtenstorget 1
+46 (0)70-760 16 19