Top 10 attractions - City

Botanical gardens

A lovely green oasis in the middle of Lund. The Botanical gardens are a place for both inquiring minds and recreation seekers. Visit the gardens, greenhouses, shop and café.

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The Historical museum

See the 10,000 year old Scanian auroch (extinct ox). Learn about Scandinavia's largest ever robbery, and do not miss the exciting curiosity cabinet. Everything in Sweden's second largest archaeological museum.

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Adventurous slides for the daring, jungle pools for the little ones and exercise courses for the energetic, all in one of Scania's most modern water park.

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One of the world's first open-air museums covers two blocks in the middle of Lund. Step into the buildings and experience life in the city and in the country, from the Middle Ages up to the 1930s. Enjoy also the museum's exhibitions and do not miss shopping in the old grocery store, Hökeriet.

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Lund Cathedral

Almost 1,000 years old, with many exciting stories inside and outside the walls, the cathedral is a welcoming place. Gaze south over the Domkyrkoplan and Domkyrkoforum, which are modern contrasts to the Cathedral.

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Lund’s Konsthall

Every year, Lund's Konsthall (art gallery) unveils new regional and international exhibits by established and new artists. The art gallery also offers guided tours, lectures and creative workshops in conjunction with the exhibitions

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The museum of Life

What happens in the body when we breathe? Is your skin an organ? How does an ultrasound work? The museum tells an interactive story about the human body - the growing, healing, ageing, historic, fascinating body!

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Under one roof at the heart of the city, is the food hall Saluhallen. Sit down at a laid table among one of the food hall's many restaurants, or buy a piece of Scania to take home. Choose from the cheese counter, fish counter or chocolate counter.

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The Museum of Sketches

A unique museum with a large collection of sketches and models of international and Swedish public art. This is where modern and contemporary art meet. From Henri Matisse and Sonia Delaunay to the twenty-first century's Carolina Falkholt.

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Vattenhallen Science Center

In Lund's centre for science, young and old can meet science and research up close. Vattenhallen is a science centre filled with experiences and experiments, with strong ties to Lund's Faculty of Engineering and the surrounding research world.

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