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Travel to Lund

Coming to Lund is easy, either by train, bus or car. Even if you choose to arrive by plane, Lund is easily accessible with two airports within 40 minutes – Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport.

Tåg och resenärer på perrong vid Lund C

Take the train to Lund

Lund Central Station is located in the middle of town, which makes the train the best option for traveling to Lund. Travel to and from Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport is with Skånetrafiken, who also operates the local and regional trains and buses. Their tickets can easily be purchased in the ticket machines at Lund C or at Skånetrafiken’s customer service centre, at Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen main station. You pay by credit card.

Long-distance tickets are sold by SJ and Snälltåget on their websites. SJ tickets are also sold at Pressbyrån and 7-eleven, as well as Skånetrafiken customer service center.

Keep in mind that you need to buy your ticket before boarding the train!

Skånetrafiken website

Skånetrafiken’s customer service centre

SJ website

Snälltåget website

Go by bus

Discover Lund using Skånetrafiken, Skåne’s public transport operator.

Use Skånetrafiken's online travel planner to plan your trip: enter where you are and where and when you want to go and the planner will provide you with the perfect route. You can also download the travel planner as an app to your smartphone.

Skånetrafiken travel planner

Travel locally

The green city buses will easily take you around the city and all bus lines depart from the Central station. At Skånetrafiken’s customer service centre and in the ticket machines at Lund Central station you can purchase a pre-sale ticket. The Skånetrafiken smart phone app is also a convenient way to buy tickets.

Lund Central station on Google maps

Travel regionally

The yellow region buses take you to the towns and countryside of Lund and Skåne. The regional buses usually depart from Lund Central Station or Bankgatan. Keep in mind that you need to buy your ticket before boarding the bus. Buy your ticket through the Skånetrafiken smart phone app or at Skånetrafiken’s customer service centre and in the ticket machines at Lund Central station.

Lund Central Station on Google maps

Coach travel

It is easy to catch a bus to Lund from many of the largest cities in the Nordic region. Some operators with routes to Lund are Netbus/Bus4You and Flixbus. Most operators stop at Lund Central Station.

Nettbuss website

Flixbus website

Grön spårvagn kör på gräsbeklätt spår.
In Lund you can also take the tram between Lund C and the new district Brunnshög.

Travel by car or taxi

Lund can easily be accessed by car via the main roads E22, 16 and 108. The city centre is sign-posted from all main roads to Lund. The north and south circular roads also make it easy to get from north to south and west to east. Need a car or taxi when you are here? Find car rental companies and taxi operators below.

Find parking space

Once in Lund, it is clearly noticeable that the city is one of the oldest in Sweden, with a still intact medieval street network. Most of Lund’s charming city centre is within walking distance, and walking is definitely the best way to experience it.

Parking is generally paid with a smartphone. For drivers who do not own a smartphone, there’s usually the option to check in and out through a text message service, or to pay by card.

Click on the map to see it in larger size.

Rent a car

In Lund, there are both local and international car rental companies.

Sixt rent a car

Avis Biluthyrning


Folkes Biluthyrning


Book a taxi

Taxi Skåne

Dalby taxi

Taxi Lund

Taxi Kurir

Updated: 2022-01-12