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Bars in Lund

Welcome to Lund’s bars, pubs and clubs. Regardless of the occasion, Lund has something to offer. Choose from classic places influenced by the British pub culture to more modern settings. We have listed a selection from Lund’s nightlife below.

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Café Ariman

In the evenings, Café Ariman becomes a relaxed bar with a club on the weekends. They offer exciting beers, luxury spirits, ice cream drinks, draft beer and much more.
Kungsgatan 2
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At this cute and cozy pub near the park Lundagård, you will find a selection of up to 200 different beers and ciders. Some nights they offer live music.
Paradisgatan 1
+46 (0)46-285 02 80
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John Bull

John Bull is a British pub, where people from different communities and cultures meet to eat food, enjoy drinks and listen to music.
Bantorget 2
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Shotluckan offers nineteen self-composed shots that cannot be found anywhere else and all contain some kind of story, clever mystery, guest interaction or some kind of show. They also offer food that is integrated into the shot concept.
Kungsgatan 2 C

Stortorget Restaurang

Enjoy a large selection of drinks that reflect the modern bar scene, as well as beer and wine from the hottest breweries and wineries. The kitchen offers simple, rustic, dishes with a high recognition factor and a lot of nostalgia.
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