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Welcome to one of the world's cutest, smartest cities.

Experience 1000 years of history in this vibrant city that's full of contrasts. Stroll through the cobblestoned streets and half-timbered houses and feel its traditions.

Like the hustle and bustle of a young, vibrant city?

Lund's 40 000 Swedish and international students bring lots of the concerts, evening attractions and downright fun you'd expect from an internationally acclaimed university campus. The university was founded in 1666 and today is famous for its science and social scene.

A cultural capital

Several of Sweden's most well-loved actors, comedians and musicians come from Lund. And the students bring their own cultural traditions, such as the traditional singers on May Day and Walpurgis on April 30th.

Get to know Lund a little bit more!

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Thousand years of history

With its 1000 years of existence, Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest cities. The magnificent cathedral from the 1100’s, and the world-famous university from the 1600’s have both shaped the city. But where did it all start?

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The City of Science

Did you know...that Lund is one of Scandinavia's oldest cities that boasts one of the world's top one hundred highest ranked universities? And that inventions like the artificial kidney, medical ultrasound, pacemaker and Bluetooth are all examples of things developed in Lund? Get a closer look at Lund as a City of Science.

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Lund all year around

Music-, literaure and comedy festivals. Cultural events and theme weeks. Competitions and racings. Have a look of what events Lund has to offer during a year.

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