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Lund through the seasons

There's lots going on in Lund. Every month dishes up a host of festivals, fairs, sporting events and comedy. Check out what's happening below and plan ahead for your visit.


  • LitteraLund: Sweden's largest festival for children's and young adult’s literature!
  • Walpurgis: Lund’s City Park is the main point of Walpurgis celebrations on the 30th of April every year. The celebration consists of two parts: a spontaneous picnic during the day and a traditional celebration organised by Lund municipality in the evening.
  • The University’s student choir: An annual May 1st appearance by Lund’s student choir on the stairs of Lund University’s main building.
  • Lundaloppet: Annual run in Lund of 5 and 10 kilometres respectively.
  • The Asparagus Festival: Every spring, some of the best restaurants in Lund gather at Stortorget to cook their favourite asparagus recipes.
  • Lundapride: During LundaPride everyone is given the opportunity to be seen and be as they are; everyone is welcome as they are, regardless of sexual orientation, descent, gender identity and religion - a festival for everyone!
  • Lundakarnevalen: Every four years, Lund University students arrange a three day carnival in Lund. The park Lundagård is transformed into a great carnival area with tents, tombola, entertainment, radio broadcasts, artists and food and drink.


  • The National Day of Sweden: Welcome to celebrate the National Day of Sweden at the open-air museum Kulturen in Lund.
  • Sommarlund: During summer, Lund is filled with hundreds of cultural experiences for all ages – and almost everything is free!
  • Mossagårdsfestivalen: Mossagårdsfestivalen is an annual festival in mid-June, set at a 19th century farm in Veberöd outside of Lund. The festival focuses on sustainability, arts and culture.
  • Midsummer celebration: Welcome to celebrate a traditional Midsummer at the open-air Museum Kulturen in Lund, or at one of the open celebrations throughout the municipality.
  • Visfestivalen: The annual singer-songwriter/folk music festival Visfestivalen in Lund offers a variety of performers from Sweden and Denmark.


  • Lund Comedy festival: Welcome to Sweden’s largest comedy festival, as Swedish and international comedy acts come to Lund.
  • Kulturnatten: Welcome to a day in Lund, filled with culture of all kinds with events from morning until late night.
  • The Harvest Festival: At the annual harvest festival in Lund’s city park you can shop fresh and refined green products, share experiences with farmers, try crafts and ride a horse-drawn carriage.
  • Magic Weekend: Every year, the biggest names in magic gather in Lund for one of the largest magic conferences in the world!
  • Fantastisk filmfestival: A film festival for those with a penchant for science fiction, fantasy and horror films.
  • Lund Choral Festival / Kördagarna: Every other year Lund offers Lund Choral Festival and every other year Kördagarna – two different events both focused on choirs. The event brings together major Swedish and international choir profiles.
  • Konstkväll: During Konstkväll – art night – Lund’s galleries and art institutions are open with free admission and exciting programs.
  • Grand Jazz and Soul: Welcome to Jazz on All Saint’s Day – a tradition at the Grand Hotel in Lund since the 80’s.


  • Christmas preparations at Kulturen: Welcome to Christmas preparations at the open-air museum Kulturen. An atmospheric Christmas market with historically dressed guides, music, food, crafts and more!
  • Flyinge Christmas Market: Visit Flyinge Equestrian Centre where the locals arrange their own Christmas market in an enchanting environment that creates a special Christmas atmosphere.
  • Lundaspelen, handball and basketball: The worlds’ largest indoor tournament in handball and basketball for young adults.
  • Vinterlund: Vinterlund is your guide to experiences in Lund during winter. Both small and large events with everything from sports to culture, lights up the darker season. The programme runs from first Advent until Valentine’s Day February 14th.
  • Spectrum: Spectrum is a computer games festival that gathers hundreds of LAN enthusiasts to test their skills in different games and