Lunds kommun startsida

Denna sida är äldre än 6 månader och är kanske inte längre aktuell.

Biking in Lund

Cycling is an easy and great way to get around and experience Lund. You can rent a bike for a few hours or several days. Many hotels and accommodations in Lund offer rental or bikes for a loan.

Cykelväg med skylt om Cykelleden Skåne.

Bicycle paths

There are plenty of bicycle paths throughout Lund and nearby municipalities - collect your free bicycle map at one of the InfoPoints in Lund or let Naturskyddsföreningen (Lund Society for Nature Conservation) and Visit Skåne inspire you.

Bike maps of Lund

Naturskyddsföreningen Lund

Biking in Skåne at the Visit Skåne website

Biking in Skåne at the Cykelleden Skåne website

Rent a bike

If you want to rent a bike, you can visit the bicycle store Fridhems Cykel, where you can also rent helmets. Another bike rental service is Digibike: download the app, register for payment and find the nearest bike. Many accommodations in Lund also offer bikes to use for free, or at a smaller fee. Ask when you make your booking.

Fridhems cykel

Rent a bike, Lund

Mountainbike and BMX

More into mountainbike and BMX? In Skrylle you will find trails for this.

Mountainbike trails in Skrylle

The old train tracks in Lund meander in beautiful nature along the Romeleåsen valley, from Björnstorp to Veberöd. Get there on your own machine, in a varied landscape with the picnic basket packed.

Take a day of nature and hiking, take an excursion into the cultural history or stay active with another type of cycling.

Updated: 2022-01-12