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Lund on foot

Everything is close at hand here in Lund, making it the perfect city to discover on foot or by bike. You are sure to find your favourites among all the exciting experiences and attractions available here.

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Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest cities. It was founded by the Danish king Sweyn Forkbeard around the year 990. You can still see clear traces of the layout from its Danish period, as the inner city streets largely follow the medieval pattern.

Join us on a tour around Lund, we offer twelve exciting and interesting stops.

1. Lund’s Cathedral
and Cathedral Forum

Lund’s Cathedral was built in the Middle Ages – its oldest parts are from 1085. The remarkable astronomical clock dates from the 1440s and Finn the Giant is found in the crypt. South of the cathedral is the Cathedral Forum, which enhances a visit to the cathedral.

Address: Kyrkogatan 6, Lund

Map to the cathedral

Lunds domkyrka

2. The Historical Museum

The Historical Museum in Lund is Sweden’s second largest archaeological museum. Exhibits include finds from excavations of the Iron Age town of Uppåkra and numerous objects from Skåne’s Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

Address: Kraftstorg 1, Lund

Opening hours at the Historical Museum

Utställning med gamla djurskelett

3. The University Site

The University Site quadrangle was designed by Helgo Zettervall to unite the university building with the Academic Society, located opposite. Lundagårdshuset is located on its south side and Palaestra et Odeum on its north.

Address: Sandgatan 2, Lund

Website of the Academic Society

Vit byggnad, blommande magnolia och blå himmel

4. Hökeriet

Lund’s oldest grocery shop is located in a traditional timber building from about 1815. Today, you can purchase food and craft items here, or relax with a “fika” in their small cafe.

Address: Sankt Annegatan, Lund

Opening hours Hökeriet

Litet gult hus med butiksskylt och grön dörr.

5. The Museum of Life

The Museum of Life explains the human body using modern technology and historical objects to illustrate health, disease and medicine, past and present.

Address: Lasarettsgatan 5B, Lund

Opening hours the Museum of Life

Skelett och museimonter som handlar om hur kroppen fungerar

6. The University Library

The new University Library was designed in the neo-Gothic style by the architect Alfred Hellerström and opened to the public in 1907. Today, the library has more than 100 km of shelving covering practically every language and

Address: Helgonavägen 2, Lund

Opening hours at the University Library


7. Museum of Artistic
Process and Public Art

The Museum of Sketches houses the university’s collection of sketches and models of public art. Its focus on the artistic process and on art within the public space makes the museum globally unique.

Address: Finngatan 2, Lund

Opening hours at the Museum

Museisal med målningar på väggarna och skulpturer på golvet.

8. The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden is an oasis in the centre of Lund, with 7000 plants and greenhouses spanning nine climate zones.

Address: Östra Vallgatan 20, Lund

Discover the Botanical Gardens

Botaniska trädgården med ett par på en bänk i bakgrunden

9. Kulturen

Kulturen comprises two blocks in central Lund packed with historical buildings and environments that you can visit. Step into the buildings and experience urban and rural life, from the Middle Ages to the 1930s. The museum also has some twenty exhibitions, as well as programme activities for all ages.

Address: Tegnérsplatsen 6, Lund

Opening hours Kulturen

Trädgårdsdamm framför rödputsad historisk byggnad

10. Lunds konsthall

Lund’s art gallery displays and discusses contemporary art. It operates at a high international standard, yet has a clear regional anchoring. The gallery opened in 1957 and was designed by the architect Klas Anshelm.

Address: Mårtenstorget 3, Lund

Opening hours Lunds konsthall

Skulpturer i en museisal

11. Saluhallen

Saluhallen market hall has been a meeting place for foodies in Lund since 1909. It offers some of the city’s best speciality shops for food, drink and delicatessen.

Address: Mårtenstorget 1, Lund

Opening hours Saluhallen

Kandelaber med levande ljus på restaurangdisk, kock i bakgrunden.

12. Drottens kyrkoruin

The ruins are those of Lund’s second-largest medieval church, which dates from 1050. Entry through the restaurant or Föreningen Gamla Lund.

Address: Kattesund 6A, Lund

More about the history of the ruins

Underjordisk klosterruin

More to discover!

With the Be Here Then app in your phone, you can take a digital city walk through Lund and see what the city looked like a hundred years ago. The app is free to download.

Try the self-guided city walk through Lund, based on the true story of the student murder in Locus Peccatorum - The House of Sins on Tegnérsplatsen.

Updated: 2022-01-12