© Karoline Saether

6 Instagram places in Lund

Guide to the top six favourite Instagram spots among locals and visitors. For more, please visit #visitlund and @visitlund.


1. The Doors of Lund. Take a walk around Lund's old streets and you'll pass by some of the most beautiful doors.
Take an extra look around Bantorget, Adelgatan, Råbygatan and Stålbrogatan.


2. Lund University Library, Helgonabacken.
Some compare it to Hogwarts. Some think it is Sweden's most beautiful building. Anyway, it is definitely worth a visit.


3. Lund University Main Building during springtime.
Worth a visit all year around but do not miss the magical Magnolias in May.


4. Lund Cathedral and the Cathedral Forum
A size and age that bring respect with it.


5. Experience the charm that comes with the Medieval streets.
Go to Hjortgatan, Adelgatan or Hospitalsgatan to see the cobbled stone streets and charming houses.


6. The Botanical Gardens. 
So many nice views that it is hard to choose only one.