© Sofie Persson

Activities for children

Lund is a kind city. It’s a place where little feet can explore the crooked streets, go on an adventure in the cathedral's hidden corners, listen to stories and see real cocoa beans with branches that almost take the roof off the greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens. And there’s more to explore outside the centre of town - Trollskogen (The enchanted wood), Kaninlandet (rabbit land) or the ravine at Rinnebäck, for starters. Here’s a list of some of the many activities for kids in Lund.

Kulturen is a large open-air museum in the middle of town. There’s always lots going on here, from fairy tales, puzzles and games, to displays and special exhibitions for children. The big park is made for exploring. You can also see how children played in the past; wait for the green lights then follow the time travel through the Ting för lek (things for play) exhibition.

Högevall: One of Skåne's most modern water parks is in the city park. There’s fun and excitement on the 213 metre-long water slides, wild currents and the wave tank. And there’s a jungle bath where the smallest family members can enjoy animals, bubbles and water showers.

Museum of Life: What happens in the body when we breathe? Is your skin an organ? How does ultrasound work? The museum tells the interactive story about the human body the growing, healing, ageing, historic, fascinating body. A great place for young and old to learn.

Playgrounds: Lund has many modern playgrounds with large play areas and inviting landscapes. Enjoy them in the city park and in Bjeredsparken, not far from the central station. There’s also Skrylle, an exciting forest playground in the woods nearby. Make a day of it and cook your lunch over an open fire.

Vattenhallen Science Center: This is where children of all ages can meet science and research up close. The Science Center is filled with experiences and experiments specially designed for enquiring minds. Perform keyhole surgery, do an ultrasound scan or play with protons and electrons.