Top 10 attractions - surroundings

The Battle of Lund

Although Lund is today a part of Sweden, it was not always so. Around the municipality, you can read the information boards that recount the battle fought between Sweden and Denmark in 1676 - one of the bloodiest battles in Scandinavia.

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Dalby Church

Scandinavia's oldest preserved stone church with beautiful surroundings and a lovely view towards Lund city. When it was founded, the church was briefly a Danish episcopal seat, which the church subsequently lost to Lund Cathedral.

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Dalby Söderskog

In Lund, you will find Sweden's smallest national park, not far from the city centre. See the spring blooms and the massive summer foliage or listen to the intense birdsong. Fun fact - parts of Astrid Lindgren's film about Ronja Rövardotter was filmed right here.

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Flyinge Kungsgård

Whether or not you love horses, make sure to visit the state horse stud, which is the world's oldest stud farm still in operation. Visit the stables and see the powerful horses, but remember to look up or you'll miss the stork family on the roof.

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Kulturens Östarp

In the middle of Scania's cultural landscape is this living museum. An agricultural environment from the 1800s - with buildings, animals and gardens. It is best experienced in the summer - but you can walk around the area all year round.

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Railroad cycling

Cycle on the railroad! The railroad tracks in Lund meander through the beautiful scenery of the Romeleåsen valley, from Björnstorp to Veberöd. Pedal your way through the varied landscape, with a picnic basket included in the package.

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Romeleslingan offers a lot in addition beautiful scenery and lovely walks. There is also a bunch of unique activities that will warmly welcome you, including farm shops, cafés, B&Bs, cider mills, craftsmen and artists.

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Romeleåsen and Skåneleden

There are many benefits to Lund. One of them is that nature is always close by. Skåneleden (Scania trail) is one of Lund's most beautiful plains and exciting natural experiences, with ridges, forests and a water-filled quarry.

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One of Sweden's most popular recreation areas. This area is visited by Lund's runners, young inquisitive families, nature lovers, hikers and orienteers. Easily accessible by bus, car or bicycle

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Uppåkra Archaeological Center

Immediately south of Lund is Uppåkra, the largest known Iron Age settlement in Scandinavia. There have been over 20,000 discoveries here, including gold, silver and bronze objects. You can also see some of them at the Historical Museum.

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