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Discover Lund using Skånetrafiken, Skåne’s public transport operator.

Plan your trip

Use Skånetrafiken's online travel planner to plan your trip: enter where you are and where and when you want to go and the planner will provide you with the perfect route. You can also download the travel planner as an app to your smartphone.

>> Travel planner

Travel locally

The green city buses will easily take you around the city and all bus lines depart from Botulfsplatsen. On the city buses you can pay with mobile payment through Skånetrafiken’s app or by credit card, no cash. At Skånetrafiken’s customer service centre and in the ticket machines at Lund Central station you can purchase a pre-sale ticket which can be used at any time. 

>> Botulfsplatsen on Google maps

>> Skånetrafiken’s customer service centre

Travel regionally

The yellow region buses take you to the towns and countryside of Lund and Skåne. The regional buses usually depart from Lund Central Station or Bankgatan. On the regional buses you can pay with credit card, mobile payment through Skånetrafiken’s app or a pre-sale ticket.

>> Bankgatan in Google maps

>> Lund Central Station on Google maps

Coach Travel

It is easy to catch a bus to Lund from many of the largest cities in the Nordic region. Some operators with routes to Lund are Netbus/Bus4You and Flixbus. Most operators stop at Lund Central Station.

>> Nettbus/ Bus4You webpage

>> Flixbus webpage