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Lund in the White Guide

There are several restaurants mentioned in the White Guide (the Scandinavian equivalent of a Michelin guide), where you can enjoy well-prepared dishes in luxurious surroundings.

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Alice och kattens tea room

Afternoon tea and scones in a fabulous Alice in Wonderland setting

Broder Jakobs

Stone oven bakery, shop and café

Gamla franska

A meeting place with a French kitchen

Gastro Gaspari

Fresh kitchen in a rural setting in Flyinge

Grand Hotel

Classic and welcoming

Klostergatans Vin & Delikatess

Brasserie with French atmosphere

Kyrkogatan 5

Wine and negroni bar

Love Coffee

Meeting spot for coffee lovers

Mat & Destillat

Restaurant and cocktail bar on historical grounds


Family atmosphere and locally produced ingredients


Pastry shop and stone oven bakery

På Skissernas

Scandinavian cuisine in an award-winning environment

Updated: 2022-01-12

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