Lunds kommun startsida

Denna sida är äldre än 6 månader och är kanske inte längre aktuell.

Discover a greener Lund

We want to make it easy for you to find climate-smart and sustainable alternatives in Lund. As a visitor your choices, large and small, are an important part of creating a sustainable city. They have an affect locally, regionally and globally, and not least for future generations. Let’s all contribute to a more sustainable Lund.

Lund's countryside

In Lund you’re close to beautiful countryside that is easy to reach by public transport or by bike. Check out our top 10 guide for ideas.

Top 10 in the surroundings

Odla in Lund is a project where people grow their own produce either on their own, with friends or family. It’s situated at Brunnshög, northern Lund, a new neighbourhood at the forefront of sustainable urban development.

Sustainable Brunnshög

Sustainable shopping

If you love shopping there are several sustainable options such as flea markets, vintage and second hand stores that are eco-friendly, personal, fun and affordable where each item has its own story to tell. In Lund's vicinity there are several farms with an organic focus.

Find farm shops in and around Lund

två kvinnor på loppis
Flea market at Södra Esplanaden.

Sustainable eating

Vegetarianism has exploded and it is becoming easier to make sustainable choices. In Lund you'll find several restaurants with a good vegetarian selection. Besides, most cafes and restaurants can usually arrange a vegetarian option on request.

Food and drinks

A sustainable future

If you want to know more about sustainable working in Lund, check out LundaEko, Lund municipality's environmental programme.

How Lund Municipality are working towards ecological sustainability

Since 2007 Lund is a Fairtrade City, which means there is a commitment from the municipality, industry and non-profit sector to work together to increase the purchase of fair trade goods.

FairTrade City Lund

Sustainable Tourism

Find out more about Lund as a sustainable destination in the article by One Planet Journey.
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Updated: 2022-01-12