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The initiative Heja Lund!

The newly launched initiative Heja Lund! the business community, University and municipality are working together to promote Lund in various ways. The goal is a Lund that is buzzing and bubbling with attractive events. To this end, it provides financial support for events that contribute in various ways to the attractiveness of Lund.

  • Late night Lund Extended
  • Human Rights Festival
  • Nordic AI PowWow
  • Finloppis it is

In addition, Heja Lund! has decided to support the Kodachicon youth convention, the Run for your Lives zombie race and the CEV Golden League volleyball tournament.

Publik framför spelande musiker på scen.

Apply for event grants

The application is for organisers who want to apply for a grant to enrich Lund with new events. The support is not meant to be part of the core funding, but is intended to encourage risk-taking, marketing and quality improvement. Projects that are granted funding must also have a project budget that clearly shows how the support from Heja Lund! will be used. Decisions on awards are made by representatives of the members of Heja Lund! in connection with the four annual network meetings - and decisions cannot be appealed.

The basic criteria for events eligible for funding are:

  • The event must have sustainable core funding for basic costs, such as venue rental and salaries.
  • The application must be for at least SEK 50,000. The maximum ceiling is determined by the steering group and can never exceed available funds, but an initial benchmark is SEK 250,000.
  • The support should aim to make the event self-sustaining over time. Therefore, the same event will not be supported repeatedly unless it can demonstrate development in that direction and never more than three (3) times. Exceptions can be made if the organisation changes significantly.
  • The event should be ecologically and socially sustainable.

Do you have an idea for an event that fulfils the above criteria? Email us and we will send you an application form.


This is Heja Lund!

The initiative Heja Lund! consists of representatives from Axis Communications, Castellum, Skanska Sverige AB, Lund University, Sparbanken Skåne, Sydsvenskan and Wihlborgs. The network's hospitality partner is Grand Hotel Lund. There are also representatives from Lund Municipality.

Through close co-operation between the municipality, University and industry, Heja Lund! will be able to act as a catalyst for lifting Lund in various ways. To this end, financial support will be given to events that contribute in various ways to the attractiveness of Lund. The Heja Lund! initiative controls the allocation of funds to applicants and will meet four times a year for this purpose.

Curious to know more about Heja Lund? Please contact Adam Leckius:


Medlemmar i Initiativet Heja Lund

Updated: 2022-01-12